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 Discipline Construction and Graduate Education


  Our school began to provide graduate education in the early 1990s, which is among the first ones who could offer Ideological and Political Education master degree program in Sichuan province. Through the endeavor of two decades, now the school offers two secondary discipline doctoral degree programs, three primary discipline master degree programs and two professional master degree programs. In all, there are over 150 master candidates and over 70 Ph.D. candidates.

  Our school always adheres to Scientific Outlook on Development. We also take Ph.D. education as our high priority and pay great attention to qualities and academic performance of Ph.D. candidates. The school sets a high standard on the qualification of Ph.D. candidates Supervisors and requires them to take high responsibilities in the cultivation of Ph.D. candidates. There are two teachers who are appraised as "Outstanding Graduate Supervisor". We emphasize all aspects of postgraduate training and implement quality control in post-graduate training process to improve the quality of graduate education.


Supervisors are discuss how to improve teaching methods


A PH.D candidate accomplished his Dissertation Defense


Awarding ceremony of Doctoral degrees

    In order to expand postgraduates’ academic experience, to enliven academic atmosphere and strengthen research interest of post-graduates, the school invites prominent scholars in related fields at home and abroad to hold high level academic lectures. Up to now, we have organized more than 50 academic seminars. In addition, the college also regularly organizes graduate academic forum and reading activities.


Professor Wu Qiantao from Tsinghua University is giving an academic lecture for our students

Professor Luo Yuting from Wuhan University, is giving an academic lecture at our school


Academic salon of Graduates

  We have obtained great achievements on graduate education and cultivated many talents for our society. For now there are over 20 Ph.D candidates and over 800 master candidates who have earned their respective degrees. After graduation, they serve in the government, military departments, universities, research institutes, and enterprises and press agencies etc., and are deemed as valuable employees in their units.
  The School has one National Teaching Team, two National Elaborate Courses, three Provincial Elaborate Courses and five university’s Elaborate Courses, undertakes courses of ideological education and cultural education for all undergraduates and graduates of the university. The sub-agencies of this school include five teaching and research sections, two departments and two research centers.

  The School offers Doctor’s Degree in two areas:
  (1)Fundamental Tenets of Marxism(Second-rank discipline)
  (2)Ideological and Political Education(Second-rank discipline)

  offers Master’s Degree in three areas:
  (1)Marxist Theory (First-rank discipline)
  (2)Political Science (First-rank discipline)
  (3)Science of Law(First-rank discipline)

  offers Professional Master’s Degree in three areas:
  (1)Science of Law for undergraduates of Law discipline
  (2) Science of Law for undergraduates of non-Law discipline
  (3) Education for teachers in colleges

  offers Bachelor’s Degree in two areas:
  (1) Political Science
  (2) Science of Law


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